Where is that secret Garden of Eden? Could it be nestled among the bushes of tea where the elusive Queensley bird chirps?
Or is it high up in the mountains, where the air is fresh and clean? Perhaps in the hazy valley below or somewhere on the emerald hills, glowing in bright sunlight with streams of life-giving water…

Look, it is where the Queensley tea grows!
Yield to the temptation of a cup, graced with the fragrance of paradise.
Discover Queensley's captivating taste!


By creating the Queensley brand, we strived to transform an exclusive tea into a genuine work of art. Queensley is an exceptionally premium quality tea from the premier plantations of the universe for those craving for only the best. We solicited the services of professional tea tasters in the creation of the Queensley tea collection comprising of 26 unique blends with exquisite tastes. This special product was developed with passion, imagination and commitment, in its content and design, worthy of appreciation by the most discerning connoisseur.